ONLINE/ON-DEMAND CBCT LICENSING COURSE - presented by the authors of the "Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology"

  • "Your course was really informative and easy to comprehend. Thanks again for coming up with the great online CBCT course!" - Dr Roland

  • "I highly recommend this online CBCT licensing course. The lectures were well presented, comprehensive and the knowledge I acquired will be very helpful in day to day diagnostics and treatment planning. Thank you Bernard and Tom!" - Dr Christina

  • "Enjoyed the presentations from these specialists and highly recommend this programme. This is essential to anyone who uses cone beam CT, including those who do not have their own scanner. Very useful information with direct relevance to daily practice were succinctly and clearly explained. Well done!" - Dr Chris

  • "I found this course to be very relevant in the use of CBCT in clinical practice. Both Tom and Bernard successfully explained and summarised key points, which can be difficult to distill from the literature. It was also an efficient way to revise important facts. I highly recommend this course. Thanks guys." - Dr William

Course Overview

  • This licensing course is designed to meet a component of the requirements for ownership or operation of Cone Beam CT (CBCT) units with the relevant authority within each state and territory by an approved practitioner. A certificate will be issued upon completion of all the course material and passing the examination. Please note this certificate is not a CBCT user license. You must apply for a CBCT license from your state or territory radiation licensing authority.

  • Course Topics

    ● Radiation Physics ● Radiation dosimetry and biologic effects of ionizing radiation ● Radiation protection and legal responsibilities ● Understanding CBCT technology ● Prescription of CBCT scans ● Interrogation of CBCT scans ● Radiological anatomy

  • Exam

    The online MCQ examination will be of 30 mins duration (with 10 mins perusal) and is open book. A certificate of completion will be provided upon passing the exam.